Instrument & Electrical (I&E)

Programmable Logic Controller

Verified Controls can install and program your programmable logic controller to better help your platform’s human interface systems communicate with one another. Make sure it’s functioning properly with regular check-ups from one of our technicians. We provide I&E services across the Gulf South and are experts in the field.

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Allen-Bradley, ControlLogix

Allen-Bradley, ControlLogix controllers are made to increase productivity, reduce time to commission, and are ideal for applications that require high-performance communication.

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GE Automation and Controls

GE Automation and Controls provides you with the capabilities of real-time visibility, predictive maintenance, network security, and optimized performance.

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iFIX can help operators increase their efficiency by providing them with faster time-to-insight and rapid application development for system integrators.


Communication is a crucial part of any job in the oil and gas industry which makes having a reliable communication system absolutely necessary. Verified Controls can install the best names in radio communication in your workplace to give your employees a network they can count on.  

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The SD Series from GE provides an exceptional communication performance as well as the reliability that is required for the oil and gas industry.

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Schneider Electric radios have the flexibility required to allow for implementation of even the most complex wireless solutions.

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FreeWave radios provide versatility, long-range capability, and security to the communication of any workplace and can be a cost-effective solution made with industrial grade quality.

Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface

Verified Controls can install and program your human machine interface system properly to ensure the most efficient operation by any of its users. We work with both the touchscreen interface and computer interface. We can also have your system repaired and replaced if something goes wrong during its lifetime. Make sure your human machine interface is functioning properly and easy to use by contacting Verified Controls today.

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