Oil & Gas Measurement

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Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Unit

It is important that your LACT unit’s meter is measuring its output accurately. Inaccurate meters can cause the end result to be disproportionate from the measurement. Verified Controls has the team of professionals you can trust to verify that your LACT unit’s meter is reading correctly and processing the correct measurements from the flow of petroleum product. We will check your meter measurements on a regular basis and, if they are inaccurate, we have the ability to make the repairs necessary.

Custody Transfer

When a pipeline takes custody of petroleum product flow, knowing exactly how much is being transferred is crucial for the system’s balance. The many factors that go into determining exact measurements of the petroleum product make it a complicated process. The team from Verified Controls are experts in verifying the accuracy of a meter’s measurement. Technicians on the scene can stand witness to the measurement verification and make sure the correct amount is going to be transferred to the next location.


How the allocation of funds is distributed among partners can be greatly affected by the inaccurate measurement of oil well production. Therefore having a healthy measurement system is integral to the allocation process. Call Verified Controls to schedule regular check-ups and testing for your platform’s measurement systems to be sure they stay accurate throughout their profitable lifespan.

Flow Computers

There are plenty of variant factors that contribute to the official measurement of petroleum product when it is being transported. These factors can include temperature, pressure, weight, etc. Without taking all of the factors into account, amounts can differ greatly from their original measurements. Flow Computers are the instruments that can calculate correct measurements while taking into account all of the variant factors involved. Verified Controls can install, program, calibrate, and repair flow computers of many makes and models. Our technicians can even custom program your flow computer to match your specific system. Trust the pros at Verified Controls, your one-stop-shop for oil/gas measurement needs.

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Total Flow

Total Flow is one of the most popular and effective brands of flow computers and is used on a large portion of the platforms across South Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf South.

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Omni Flow

Considered one of the most trusted names in oil and gas measurement, Omni offers solutions to application problems through advanced insight and technology.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Control both natural gas and petroleum with a durable and easy to operate Thermo Fisher Scientific flow computer.

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Emerson flow computers can help your measurement process become more efficient and provide you with the reliability Emerson is known for.

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